October 13, 2009

(originally posted 10/10/2009) Well, just to kick off what I might consider more “normal” material for this blog (as opposed to crazy chimp antics.. haha, that’d be a cool word for monkey speak – “chimpantics”), I’ll share a sweeeeet disco track I haven’t been able to stop listening to. Jackpot come from Sweden, which I guess gives them an unfair cool advantage or something. They really deliver on this epic disco heartthrob of a song, which, at 7 and a half minutes long, seems to be just getting started. Listening to this song sounds like an adventure… a really sparkly, sexy adventure, possibly involving time travel. Honestly, at first I thought this song was an 80s original – it really captures an amazing sound and spirit, but I guess it actually does sound way too cool not to be from now (and Sweden).


Listen to this and get ready for a fun night. That’s what I’m doing! Chromeo DJ set tonight at the Mezzanine. Gooood old Mezzy. Here, have a listen to the badass new Chromeo song, too, which has some truly badass squealin electric guitars ala “Beat It”… I reeeally wish they would play this tonight, but that definitely wouldn’t qualify for a DJ set. (edit from THE FUTURE: we didn’t end up seeing them)

Jackpot – Brief Encounter
Chromeo – Night by Night


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