Aussie Electro Roundup (part one of what will be many, I’m sure)

October 16, 2009

Well, while we’re on the subject (see previous entry), I figured I might as well continue talking about something I just love to talk about – aussie electro (the best music, ever?!? I mean.. maybe that’s an exaggeration, and maybe it isn’t.) I’m not going to bother briefing you about the most popular acts, cause let’s face it, if you’re really cool, you already know all about them already. srsly. (Trifecta of power: Cut Copy, Presets, Midnight Juggernauts. That should get you started.) Ok, I have to just gush about Cut Copy for one minute though, cause AHHH! also, I have to admit I kiiiindof want to grope Dan Whitford (center), and by kind of, I mean TOTALLY.


Anyway, the previously-mentioned Miami Horror is definitely one of my favorites, as are Bag Raiders (I see these two as kind of similar cause they have heretofore been mainly remixers and DJs). I think some of the most enjoyable tracks in the genre have resulted from various configurations of artists and remixers, and certainly make it a lot of fun for the fans. Here’s both of them remixing Midnight Juggernauts (not the same track, haha).

Midnight Juggernauts – Road to Recovery (Miami Horror remix)

Midnight Juggernauts – Twenty Thousand Leagues (Bag Raiders remix)


In a similar vein, but not so much as remixers, I have big love for Grafton Primary. They definitely have a Cut Copy vibe, but with a little less of a dreamy/nice tone and more of a sneering, snappy and sometimes dark 80s club sound. I also love the way their lyrics really seem to tumble from syllable to syllable (Check out “I Can Cook”, the Miami Horror remix if you haven’t already). I love almost every GP track I’ve heard yet, so I’ll just post up one of my favorites from their album.

Grafton Primary – Hold Her

I suppose that’s enough for now. The Trifecta bands have definitely toured the US before, but the latter three I mentioned here have either not toured here at all or just done a little – NOT ENOUGH, in my opinion!! I really look forward to those times, assuming they are coming. (they better be!)

I just found out Grafton Primary is doing a show Oct 30th in Colombia with the Knife, and another one in November  in Mexico with Royksopp. GEEZ GUYS.


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