Let’s talk about Calvin Harris

October 17, 2009

Since his new album, Ready for the Weekend, is freshly on the racks, I figure now’s as good a time as any. Let me just start by saying I do love the Calvin Harris {you might say I’m a Calvinist.. [if you like puns (which I do)]}. After some time getting to know the album (by which I mean dancing with fervor in my kitchen) I have to say I still like the first album more overall, though there are still quite a few to enjoy here.

Also, the choices for the singles so far don’t seem like the best tracks on the album – Ok, “Ready for the Weekend” is good and definitely Harris-y (tee hee), but “I’m Not Alone” just doesn’t quite do it for me (fairly trance-y, reminds me of DDR music.. not that DDR music is bad. Well, not ALL DDR music.)


It definitely has a somewhat different sound from the first one, a bigger and glitzier sound, that in my opinion sometimes borders on overproduced. Still, it’s unmistakably filled with delightful Harrisian touches, and the best tracks undoubtedly carry the dance fever. I’m sure the shows for this album are going to be off the hooook (none scheduled for the US yet, according to myspace.. bummer! oh how I wish I could teleport)

A few of my favorite tracks: (all of these have sickk vocals)

“Stars Come Out” – delightfully bouncy synth number, enjoyable throughought. Sometimes has a slightly jangly tone, and lasery-sounding noises. The whole thing kind of makes me think of robots dancing, and I love it.

“You Used to Hold Me” – hard-hitting dance slammer with some nice buzzing bass synths, awesome drums, and supereffective builds. The vocals are pretty exciting too, if not terribly varied at times šŸ˜‰

“The Rain” – some of the coolest vocals, for sure. Really great track to begin the album on the right foot. It’s got a lil bit of saxamaphone, and some of those impudent bass synths of the hyper-vibratory type that seem to burrow right into your earholes. These ARE the good times in your life…

“Dance Wiv Me ( Feat. Dizzee Rascal)” – one of two of the more hip-hop vocal songs (the other called “Worst Day of My Life (Feat. Izza Kizza)”.. a lot of double Z action going on here. Easy to like this one, I must say.. a very funky beat indeed, and a nice Nintendo-y chorus accompaniment. Actually, there’s a lot going on in this song, but I have to say it all comes together really well. (In other news, I recently shamed myself by insisting the song was called or saying “Bounce Wiv Me”, but.. that is what it sounds like!! Upon really close scrutiny by ear, we concluded it actually sounds like Dizzee is saying “Bonce wiv me, come n bonce wiv me”. Ohhh, British quasi-rapping.)

I also really like “The Rain” (awesome vocalsss) and “Relax” (some neat guitar loops here). Much of the rest is enjoyable, don’t get me wrong, and I do highly recommend picking up both this and his prior album, if you haven’t already! I reeeally hope this one comes out on vinyl (if it hasn’t already? I only buy records at the store usually, and haven’t yet encountered it).


Well, CalvHarr, I’m glad you’re back, buddy. Now… let’s DANCE!

Calvin Harris – Stars Come Out

Calvin Harris – You Used to Hold Me


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