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October 25, 2009


Dragonette, Popscene 10/22

By a stroke of good luck on Thursday afternoon, I discovered Dragonette would be playing that evening at Popscene, right around the corner from the SAE, where I usually attend class for electronic music production (!! This could be a long post in itself, I’m sure).

On Thursday, the SAE was instead having its Grand Opening party, a grand event indeed with SAE people from many other countries to celebrate, with live music, catering, and an open bar (!!). I feel the need to declare that this is probably the coolest school in which to host parties, ever. (Probably the coolest school, too.) I ask you, what place would have better sound than a school full of audio engineers? (there was a shit-ton of awesome lighting, too.)


Further, this thing (the ICON) was in ‘Vegas’ mode (meaning all the lights flashing on and off, and all the sliders going up and down in waves). OMG. It kind of blew my mind.

So you can imagine my mindset going into the Dragonette show shortly thereafter. But my delightful evening was merely beginning.

First of all, the band. A little bit surprisingly, they were the only band (no openers). I enjoyed their first album, Galore, which my mind keeps wanting, for some reason, to describe as like, ‘slutpop’ (I mean like, in the tone and the lyrics, ‘cause I didn’t even know what the band looked like until Thurs.) I guess a lot of pop is already inherently slutty, though.. (Britney, anyone?) There’s a lot of rocking going on here too though, that’s for sure.


Martina Sorbara, the band’s frontwoman, has the kind of voice (and the kind of face, and the kind of ‘tude) that could get away with pretty much anything. She also has awesome hair and a gorgeous face. (Truth be told, I’d like to see her and La Roux go head to head 😀 )


What I meant to say is, most of my favorite Dragonette songs are pretty overtly sexual (in a good way). “I Get Around”, probably their most popular so far (several SICK remixes, heck I’ll post one at the end of this!) speaks for itself. Also, their Calvin Harris cover of “The Girls”, appropriately re-titled as “The Boys”. (Calvin, you’re going in the manslutpop box.)

Their new album, Fixin to Thrill, seems to be a little more restrained in this regard (also in a good way, I think). It’s still loaded with sass and style, though. Musically, it sounds similar, with possibly even more finesse and punch. I’m really digging a lot of the new songs.They only played 1 song from the first album (I think.. could be wrong. “Black Limousine” was the only one I recall) but the entire set was pretty fun and exciting. I would have liked to hear the aforementioned “I Get Around”, though 😉

The venue wasn’t packed, but those who were there were definitely enthused and dancing. But I guess many were dancing to the DJ’s music beforehand anyway, and kept right on dancing after the set. That’s Popscene for you, I suppose. ^_^


Some time after the set was over, I ended up dancing with the band’s newest guitarist, Chris Huggett (second from left in the above photo – he joined the band prior to recording the new album, Wikipedia informs me hahaha *creepo*). He is a nice gent, and also a very tall gent (6’6!). We also chatted a bit, and he invited me backstage for a beer *ZOMG*

Of course I didn’t have my camera because wow I am retarded!! But they were all back there hangin out, and Martina was knitting. I asked what she was knitting, and she said, “A hamburger.” And she really was. ❤ Damn that’s awesome! Haha, also I wore my one long sparkly dangly earring (got it at Treasure Island fest), and Martina was like “I like your earring. I saw it from the stage.” And I was like *dies*

Hahaha so yeah that was my evening. It was great! Dragonette, you guys rock. (On a separate note, I feel like ‘Dragonette’ should be Cutesaurus’ cousin or something…) Tonight I’m going to see the Sounds at the Warfield with my sister. This is like, girl power music weekend, apparently?

Dragonette – I Get Around (Midnight Juggernauts remix)

Dragonette – Fixin to Thrill


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  1. […] to report, was rocking hard, but I was sad to note that Chris Hugget, the guitarist I danced with last time, was nowhere to be seen Oh well. They still turned in a great set, opening with “I Get Around” […]

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