TRON 2.0, Dark Side of the Moon 2.0

October 26, 2009

So, who’s excited for the TRON remake? I am, for at least one reason:


Probably the only thing anyone’s heard about the remake is that Daft Punk will be scoring it, and that news is mighty exciting. Rumor has it that the duo will be touring in support of the release, too. Having seen only about half of the original TRON, I would label it as ‘endearingly nerdy’, but I’m sure the remake will probably not be either of those things! Too bad it’s not coming out until 2011, so hopefully people don’t get tired of hype before then.

Further, I just discovered that Wendy Carlos (previously Walter Carlos) scored the original! I enjoy Switched-On Bach, so maybe I need to watch the whole movie and pay better attention to the music this time 😀 Wow, I can’t wait to see this movie.. our understanding of “cool” technology has obviously changed a lot since the original was made, and I’m excited to see and hear the new interpretation.

In other remake/cover news:


The Flaming Lips will be releasing a track-by-track cover of the Pink Floyd classic, Dark Side of the Moon. Innnnteresting… Apparently it’s going to be an iTunes exclusive and feature Peaches and Henry Rollins O.o I’m definitely curious to see how they’ll take this on, and I certainly hope the result will be totally crazy and new (in a good way). I think I’d be skeptical about any current band trying this, but if anyone can pull off a wild reinterpretation of a classic album, I think the Lips are a pretty good bet. It’ll be interesting, at the very least!


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