October 27, 2009


The Sounds – Warfield, 10/24

Maybe I was just in an especially bad mood (trying to park in SF often makes my blood boil, it seems), but I just couldn’t get into this. Their music and performance were fine.. I enjoyed some parts of the set, don’t get me wrong. It all just seemed a little too.. commercial? practiced? I’m not sure. There wasn’t a whole lot of variation, and much of their behavior seemed like they read it in a “big time rock stars” manual.

Frontwoman Maja Ivarsson (yes, they are from Sweden – they actually are pretty big stars over there) is for the most part entertaining – a little bit mesmerizing, in that Madonna-esque kind of way.. but she also can be kind of annoying. She definitely seems to think she’s hot shit, haha. Which I guess she is.. but still.

4a3011b3c38ac-363x485She was also wearing those pants this time (pic not from our show) and apparently is fond of doing high knee kicks (if you don’t believe me, google image search her name!). Wikipedia also informs me she is a longtime martial artist. Ok, Maja Ivarsson.. I guess you’re pretty cool.

Also contributing to my ill humor was the above-average money-grubbing level of this entire production. First of all, I could lament against Ticketmaster for DAYZ, and this was just one example of their filthy greed. For a show that was advertised at $25 a ticket, it ultimately came out to being almost $40 thanks to “convenience” fees. >< Further, at the venue, when I asked for water, they informed me I could buy a bottle for $3.50 (wouldn’t give me a cup, and there wasn’t a drinking fountain anywhere I found). You’d think they could include WATER with the convenience fee that is already like, half the ticket price added on!!



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