The Twelves – my favorites so far

October 29, 2009


Much blogged-about Brazilian duo the 12s (or Twelves, whatever) have been tearing up the internets with one awesome mix after another, and I guarantee they will improve your day (or night, or whatever). They have a super-sweet , slick, funky groove sound, and there’s many from them to love, so I definitely suggest checking them out. They also have a few sweet longer mixes that are solid gold. I really look forward to future activity from them re: touring, albums, etc??

Here’s a few of my fave tracks – these have all gotten so many listens from me, it’s riDIculous.

Metric – Help I’m Alive (Twelves remix)

The Virgins – Rich Girls (Twelves remix)

Black Kids – Hurricane Jane (Twelves remix)

Kylie Minogue – 2 Hearts (Twelves remix) (this one might be my #1 favorite…)

EDIT: Just heard this new-ish Fever Ray one and had to toss it up here as well. Pure discoooo, and Karin has never sounded so Hindu!

Fever Ray – Seven (Twelves remix)


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  1. […] other news, I know I already raved about the Twelves, but I just stumbled upon this gem that I had to share. Awesome remix of the Tel […]

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