Art Brut Halloween show – Davis, CA

November 2, 2009

Heeell yeah! Having just seen a fabulous SF show from our dear friends Art Brut (I like to imagine we’re dear friends, anyway) during the summer, I was stoked to discover they’d be playing for free on the Davis campus on Halloween night.

My only regret is that Davis is so lame (ok.. let me amend that to say ‘is so lame sometimes’), cause the show was sooo fun, and yet majorly underpopulated in a huge hall 😦

The band was wearing costumes! How awesome is this picture:


Glowing eyeballlllls. Creeptastic! They were in their fine exuberant usual weird form, which I really enjoy. There actually was a pretty good amount of dancing given the small size of the audience and considering this isn’t really ‘dance’ music (so much as ‘rock out’ music).

Eddie came down into the tiny crowd and stormed around, haha.


I think it looks like he’s about to touch that guy’s face.

I have to say if I had never heard them before, I definitely would think they were kind of strange, and obsessed with DC comics to a bit of an unhealthy degree, haha. (they played “DC Comics and Chocolate Milkshakes” and altered “Modern Art” to instead be about DC comics, ie. “DC comics make me! want to rock! out!”)

At another point he was like, “You know, it helps to have a band, ‘cause you can turn your problems into songs, and get over them. And this song is about erectile dysfunction. Ready, Art Brut!” *rock out*

After the show I got a pretty neat mug (it says “BRING ME TEA. BRING ME COFFEE.”) from the band’s bassist, Freddy Feedback (the only girl in the band). Haha, from this picture, you’d think we actually were good buddies:


Freddy (devil), me (from the future), and my sis Chelsea (viking). Interesting that we all have horns of some kind (mine are less noticeable here, but they are actually antennae).

Halloween good times.


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  1. […] More Halloween pictures By cutesaurus Continued adventures in future costume in San Fran. This was actually on Friday, Oct 30. On real Halloween, we went to Davis for the free Art Brut show (read more about it in my music blog here). […]

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