Let’s talk about electronic music genres

November 7, 2009

Holy shit, Wikipedia. Check out their list of electronic music genres. IN-FUCKING-SANE. I mean, wow. There’s 26 subgenres of House listed, 22 kinds of Trance, 16 types of Jungle/D&B, and 15 categories of techno. And many, many more.

laserThere’s a lot to be seen here. I bet I could spend several hours looking through a ton of these, and I probably will now that I know it’s here, haha.

Clownstep seems to be the one the eye is drawn to first (at least for me, and for Sara and Matt when I showed them the page), but it turns out that one isn’t an actual genre, but a pejorative term for a specific kind of Drum&Bass. It’s sure a funny name though.

jinacJumpstyle is a genre, though. “Jumpstyle is a dance and music genre mainly practiced in Europe, specifically the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and northern France,” it says. Here’s a tutorial for the dance! hahaha! I love it. We decided we want to do this at the Boys Noize show tomorrow, though it would be a genre crossover since I’m pretty sure BN isn’t Jumpstyle 😉

Doomcore? Not your thing? What about Terrorcore? Death Industrial? Nu-NRG? Bubblegum Dance? Am I the only one who is fascinated and endlessly entertained by the existence (and names) of all these weird, hyper-specific, and (in their own way) wonderful subgenres?

hk_20080207_vegasclub2Most of my favorite music falls under the heading of Rock/Punk influenced electronic music (Dance Rock)… Mainly Electro rock, New Rave (and New Wave), Synthpop, Dance-punk, and some Dark Wave and Electroclash. I do like disco too, but am not as well-versed in the subgenres of that other than Italo-disco (hello, Glass Candy) and nu-disco (again, Glass Candy, haha).

I’ve never heard the word ‘chiptune’ before, but now I know how to describe those nintendo-y sounding songs I love so dearly. God, I love Wikipedia!


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