Boys Noize – Mighty, SF, 11/7/09

November 12, 2009
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Mighty, a mid-sized venue decked out with a lot of ginormous speakers and screens, was stuffed to the gills this Saturday night for the Boys Noize show, which turned out (to no one’s surprise) to be a blasting, sweat-drenched affair.

In fact, the event was put on by the aptly named Blasthaus, so I guess that should go without saying. I arrived a little before 11, which turned out to be a good long while before Boys Noize (aka Alexander Ridha) would take his turn. We were in for a loooong evening of unrelenting beats and pressing human heat from all sides.


The set itself was pretty good, kind of your standard House music but with some extra BN flair (mainly a lot of really cool robot-y noises, haha). It was also verrry long (over 2 hrs) and by the end starting to blur together a bit. However, at the very end, he did his remix of Feist’s “My Moon My Man” which was an unexpected pleasure.

glowingchandToo bad I was by then laying down on a couch staring at a glowing chandelier in the side room cause it was about 2:30 am and I was too tired to try to fight my way through the crowd for the 20th time (not exaggerating – going anywhere was like swimming upstream).

I think my favorite was of course “Jeffer” cause that song is just ahhhh so cool! (I posted it previously in case you missed it). Sadly there wasn’t enough room to do the awesome Tectronic dance moves, or the Jumpstyle dance I mentioned in my last entry.

Lastly I just have to say the guy/girl ratio was definitely putting the boys in Boys Noize. You know what I’m talkin bout


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