My 11/11

November 13, 2009

Went to the city to catch the evening’s offerings at the Knockout, a bar/venue on Mission Sara was super stoked about the Lucky Dragons set and also Javelin, so we made our way there… only to discover..

that she had forgotten her id.


(actual sign from the place)

Sooo that put a real snag in our plans. But, eventually we actually did manage to get in (Jedi mind tricks) to both of our amazement.

Here’s a cool video from the Lucky Dragons set, which turned out to be only about 15-20 minutes total. Experimental (and in this case participatory) electronic noise, the best part of which was this amazing light projector/theremin-like? thing.. I have no clue what it really was, but he was passing out blank cds to wave in front of it to change the sound and reflect the light. So cool.

So that was neat. Javelin was also quite enjoyable. I guess I would label them as electronic indie pop, but they had a lot of variety from song to song and some fun sampling and stuff going on. I’d definitely like to check out some of their stuff.


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