Neon Indian/VEGA/Alan Palomo

November 19, 2009

I have been loving Neon Indian hard as of late, and have been eagerly anticipating tomorrow night’s show in SF… excitinggg!

psychicchasmsNeon Indian is a project by Alan Palomo, who I just discovered is only 21, and not only that, he is also VEGA, part of Ghosthustler, and collaborated with Miami Horror for a month. AHH! Dude. You are out of this worrrrld.

NI has a really unique and interesting sound that still feels somehow familiar, cozy, yet exciting. There’s a lot of variety on the album, Psychic Chasms, and many songs to completely love. (Pitchfork did a great and very favorable review of it here). It’s overall more psychedelic than typical dance music, but I think it will be good to just.. move to and I expect this show is going to be pretty big.

VEGA on the other hand is about as dancey as it gets. 😉 But it’s not going to be a VEGA show now, is it.

More on NI after the show tomorrow night. For now, let’s hear some tracks.

Neon Indian – 7000 (Reprise)

VEGA – No Reasons


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