The Protomen

November 21, 2009

So, I should really seriously stop saying beforehand what shows I’m going to, cause then I always end up looking like a foolio if I don’t go. Such was again the case with the Neon Indian show >< which for logistical reasons similar to the problems with Danger around Halloween I was unable to attend 😦

But! Let’s not dwell on that. Instead let’s examine something altogether more exciting, and more awesome. The Protomen.

protomen-siteSimply put: a dystopian cyborg rock opera based on Megaman. Seriously. I think I may have died, and this is the choir of angels greeting me in Heaven.

They have their second album out this year, which apparently is a very worthwhile purchase because the music itself tells only half of the story (art and story in liner notes). You can buy it directly from their site linked above for the extremely reasonably price of $10. I know I will!

Every song I’ve heard so far is glorious and epic, sometimes with very dramatic Queen-esque vocals, and at other times there’s a rumbling Stray Cats vibe of street fight adrenaline. I expect to spend many good times with these fellows in the months to come!

They’re also very secretive about their real identities, doing interviews in character and costume (very Daft Punk-y helmets). I reeeally hope I can catch a show of theirs sometime soon. Cause this shit is soooo legit.


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