Remix goodness

December 3, 2009

(Thanks to Too Many Sebastians for this first bit of tasty info.)

Sweet dream-disco G.L.O.V.E.S. remix of the great Miami Horror single “Sometimes” is available for free from the band’s site if you sign up for the email fanlist (something I personally would want to do anyway). Apparently one can also win a t-shirt by doing this, which I would relish wearing on my body. Ohhh yeah.

(Listen to it here first if you need convincin’)

terrypIn other news, I know I already raved about the Twelves, but I just stumbled upon this gem that I had to share. Awesome remix of the Tel Avivan electroclash outfit Terry Poison (whom I adore based on what I’ve heard so far – like an even more immature and rowdier Israeli Le Tigre). This remix is… just so HOT. Hot like fire. Like really freakin hot fire. It’s like, if my ears could be pissing themselves… they WOULD, right now.

Terry Poison – Comme Ci Comme Ca (Twelves remix)


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