Wassail Wednesdays: Volume 1

December 10, 2009

christmastunesHello all! I’m back after a little hiatus there, but kicking off my Christmas-themed series which will hopefully make up for it. I’ll be doing this each Wednesday of December – not exactly “Christmas” songs (necessarily.. there may be some in there, haha) but more like, Christmassy or wintery in some way. To be honest, I *hate* “Christmas” music (almost all of it, anyway) so that is why I am doing something other than just posting Christmas songs.

So to get started with that goal, my first song is called… “Christmas”. hahaha

Clinic – Christmas

I love the dark, creepy tone of this song – it’s so opposite from most Christmas music. The Clinic singer has a great, distinct voice that is a little bit otherworldly, and that really shows here.

The Dirty Secrets – 5 Feet of Snow (Miami Horror remix)

Well, we all know how I feel about Miami Horror, and this is seriously my FAVORITE FAVORITE remix of his I’ve heard so far (EDIT: ok, other than the Grafton Primary “I Can Cook” one). It really whips along with a great stomping pace, and the vocals sound reeeeally awesome too. Enjoy. Don’t be surprised if you break shit in your room from flailing your limbs around.

Simon and Garfunkel – A Hazy Shade of Winter

I love this song. Period. It’s probably the most rocking song S&G ever did, I’d venture to guess.. and it does rock. It’s amazing to listen to on gray days because it just gets you feeling so pumped and happy about it being gray and dreary!

Tegan and Sara – Frozen

Posting this one because I like these gals and their sound, and I have indeed been frozen all day, so it’s appropriate.

Do you have any wintery songs you love? Tune in next week for the second installment of Wassail Wednesday!



  1. I Can Cook isn’t your favorite Miami Horror remix?? That one’s got to have the best lyrics at least of all the one’s they’ve done.

    • Ok, yeah obviously. I already blogged about that one though. But now I guess I have to edit my post, mr. nit picker! haha 😉

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