December 15, 2009


So, I’m going to go ahead and make a prediction. I think Yeasayer is going to get really, really big in 2010. Their sophomore album, Odd Blood, is [officially] dropping in February, and their single “Ambling Alp” is already getting quite the buzz around it (rightly so, imho). Check out the highly surreal video (and listen to the cool song while you’re at it) [PS. it’s NSFW]:

Wtf, right?? In a good way. They have just the sort of sound I think people will be able to get into on a large scale.. and I can pretty much already hear them playing at Coachella this year! Let’s keep our fingers crossed.

I haven’t checked out their first album yet, but I definitely am interested. What I’ve heard of the new one has really knocked my socks off. They have a really neat, eclectic sound – psychedelic indie synth rock with world and religious influence. EJ described it as “Flaming Lips meets Passion Pit” and I think that’s pretty apt.

yeasayer-tightropeHahaha what a good picture.

Anyway, to give you a little something extra, check out this other sweet track from the new album, and be sure to keep an eye out for them. I think we will all be seeing and hearing a lot more from these dudes in the very near future.

Yeasayer – Love Me Girl


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