Wassail Weds: Volume 2

December 17, 2009


Back for the second edition of our not-quite-Christmas-yet-somehow-seasonal songs miniplaylists, it’s WWWASSSAIL WEDNESDAYS!!

I decided to post 5 songs instead of 4 for the last two installments since I didn’t decide to start doing this until after the first Weds had already gone by >:D

Cut Copy – Cold Youth

One of their more traditionally rocking songs as compared to most of their highly synthy material (which, I have mentioned before, I adore to high heaven). Like almost all their material, though, it’s really catchy. It has great bass, great vocals, fun drums, and yes, some great synth stuff (used more as a spice than the main dish here).

Devo – Snowball

Ohh Devo. I still really want to see these guys live (my parents saw them back in the day, haha.. my mom high-fived Mark M.!) so I guess it just shows the great circle of life or something. Actually I developed an affection for them as a child while listening to their tapes and playing with My Little Ponies (see also Michael Jackson and Madonna).

But anyway, I digress. This song is a wandering yet driving New Wave number with lyrics that evoke Sisyphus and are REALLY COOL. “Snowball” is just one of many amazing tracks from their 1980 album Freedom of Choice, which I consider a must-hear classic.

Also I heard a preliminary rumor they might be a Coachella headliner..? IT’S FUN TO DREAM.

The Pipettes – A Winter’s Sky

Ok, I won’t even try to contain my rambling about the Pipettes and their greatness in this post, because it would go on for DAYZ. I love them a lot. They have an updated 60s girl group sound that works fantastically on all kinds of songs, here in a lovely swirling orchestral (and yet a bit funky) song with their awesome lyrics and superb vocal harmonies. Soooo nice.

The Russian Futurists – It’s Not Really Cold When It Snows

The Russian Futurists are one of the more “chill” bands that I like, which is not typical of me, haha. But they are delightful too. I discovered them when I was in Sweden and it was all too perfect for huddling inside when it was freezing outside (reading To The Lighthouse, but that’s beside the point).

Björk – Frosti

This song hails from Björk’s 2001 album Vespertine, which I would not hesitate to call one of the most beautiful and soul- touching accomplishments in music. [EVER.] “Frosti”, not quite two minutes long, is more of an interlude than a full song, but what a nice interlude it is – all delicate tinkling icy music-box bells.

Annnd there you have it! Be sure to tune in next Wednesday for the final installment of seasonal Wassail.


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