Wassail Wednesdays: Volume 3

December 23, 2009


Well, here we are for our third and final installment of Wassail Wednesdays. Christmas is drawing near, ever so near! The time for last-minute shopping and wrapping is at hand, so allow these tunes to both sooth and invigorate you in these trying yuletimes.

Cornelius – Silent Snow Stream

Cornelius is kind of like the Beck of Japan, and he’s  put out a lot of truly fantastic material over the years. This song hails from his first album, The First Question Award, which I think is probably his most accessible, and probably my favorite (so far). It has a really groovy and unique retro kind of 70s-lounge sound, and almost every song is amazing. I highly recommend it!

The Raveonettes – Come On Santa

Admittedly, I haven’t listened to the Danish shoegaze-alt rock duo the Raveonettes all that much, but I did snag their Christmas EP, Wishing You a Rave Christmas (which.. doesn’t sound as rave-y as you might expect, given the title, haha). This song sounds like.. Christmas in a hazy drug den, or something. In a good way!

Islands – Abominable Snow

“After the breakup of experimental lo-fi indie rock band the Unicorns, members Nicholas Thorburn and Jaime Thompson formed Islands, which found the two more focused on brighter production and neo-psychedelic indie pop.” That sums it up pretty well. Their material thus far is kind of hit and miss for me, but some songs stand out as being pretty great. This is one of them.

The Pixies – Winterlong

The Pixies have pretty much been my favorite band since I was 15. I’m sure I could easily write a full entry on many of their single songs, let alone albums. This is a Neil Young cover they did, released on their “Complete B-Sides” release, which has quite a few good ones and should definitely be heard by anyone who considers themselves a Pixies fan.

Dreams Come True – Snow Dance

I don’t really know much/anything about Dreams Come True, other than that they are Japanese (and apparently pretty popular there?). I downloaded an album of theirs called “Monkey Girl Odyssey” which [understandably] intrigued me. This is the only song I became attached to.. for some reason it reminds me of like, Peru, and hiking through snow in the Andes (which I have never done, so maybe it sounds nothing like this, but in my mind, it DOES).


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