2009: What a year

January 5, 2010

HELLO!! Ahh wow I really fell off on the updatin’ because of assorted holidays and festivities. I apologize. But I am back now. O:)

So, it’s 2010. That means it’s time to look back and evaluate 2009 in various ways. I think the easiest way is to consult my top 15 scrobbled artists on last.fm, which I think turned out pretty accurately, though it doesn’t account for the hundreds of vinyl albums I listened to this year.

2009 was pretty much the year of BLOGS and VINYL for this lady (also, the year I fell hard for disco. SO HARD.) There is so much good freakin stuff out there!! Here’s to many more in 2010. I do feel this list is somewhat weighted toward things I listened to heavily at the beginning of the year, but that’s aight. Also quite a few Coachella bands, so that always helps.


15. Sebastien Tellier – 87 plays scrobbled


I got a couple of really cool SebTell remixes this year, and he played at Coach. Plus he’s a cooldude. A few favorites of the year:

Kilometer (A Trak Main)

Roche (Breakbot remix)

14. Natalie Portman’s Shaved Head – 188 plays

portman npsh

I enjoyed NPSH way more than I expected to! Their album came out in 2008, but I am behind the times a lil bit.

Also, there’s a lot going on in this video!

13. Midnight Juggernauts – 209 plays


They didn’t have an album come out this year (sadly) but they had some awesome remixes as well, and several that got major action on my gym playlist 😉 Can’t wait to hear more from these dudes.

Road to Recovery (Miami Horror remix)

Into the Galaxy (Danger remix)

Twenty Thousand Leagues (Bag Raiders Remix)

12. The Presets – 237 plays

The Presets 2

Another Coachella band that I fell in love with all over again, The Presets rocked HARD this year. I listened to their LP record of Apocalypso a ton as well, so they definitely deserve a spot on this list.

Check out this video… it’s prettty intense.

11. Hercules and Love Affair – 239 plays


Another one where I was slightly behind the times.. I think I actually gave them a listen because of Pitchfork’s Best of 2008 list, haha. Also thought they were going to play @ Coach, but they cancelled, sadly. Anyway! I had a lot of good times listening to this album. I still *really* want to get the LP… urge to steal from EJ rising… 😉

This is a strange video for a really cool song. But it’s also kinda neat.

Check out bands 10-6 tomorrow!


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