Last.fm 2009 Countdown Part II

January 6, 2010

Continuing on in my most-scrobbled tracks of the year from last.fm, here’s what came in at #6-10.

Tie for 10 + 9: Dragonette + The Last Shadow Puppets  – 249 plays each


Dragonette had a new album out this year, and I also discovered their very enjoyable first album. Further, there’s an awesome Midnight Juggernauts remix that has been a heavy hitter for me this year. And I went to their show and had a blast and I danced with the guitarist (different guy than the one pictured above) and Martina Sorbara (the singer) complimented my earring!! I’m pretty sure she and La Roux should have an edgy hair battle. Whatever that would look like.

I Get Around (Midnight Juggernauts remix)


The Last Shadow Puppets were one of my most-played albums this year (though it also came out in 2008.. haha), both in mp3 and the LP form (yess). I completely love every song of theirs I’ve heard so far… it’s like the Beatles reincarnated. Suchhh great songs and voices and everything.

Also, I just discovered they covered a Rihanna song, haha.

8. The Kills – 259 plays


Again the album that caused me to fall for them came out in 2008, but SHUT UP IT DOESNT MATTER. haha. They were another Coachella band, too. I guess Alison is pretty busy with the Dead Weather nowadays and thass kewl. She is badass in a major way. So many awesome Kills songs. SOO MANY.

7. The Beatles – 263 plays


Ok, they’re probably going to be on my list every year just by the sheer mass of amazing material to choose from. This year I also became exceedingly fond of the White Album and listened to it all the time while painting. Also, reading Helter Skelter.

6. Metronomy – 300 plays

Metronomy = so awesome. Just get a load of this, for starters.

I got their second album, Nights Out, on Jan 4 last year (honestly, this list is more like a best of 2008 list by this point, haha), and it swiftly became one of my favorites of the year. I also saw them live twice and that was very enjoyable. They seem to just be heating up and I’m sure they’ve got some more great stuff coming this year.

Tune in tomorrow for the third and final installment, with #1-5 on the list.


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