Last.fm 2009 Countdown – Part III

January 7, 2010

5. Miami Horror – 317 plays


I think it says a lot that Miami Horror is my 5th most played artist when he/they (I get really confused about articles now) don’t have a full album out yet… haha. I listened to the Bravado EP SOOO much.. so much. I still love it. I just love everything Miami Horror does, apparently. Furthermore all their awesome remixes aren’t reflected in this play count but I definitely listened the hell of out those too, so this is a well-deserved spot on my top list this year.

The new video for “Sometimes” is worth watching for the ending. I also like this one because it’s ssso 80s.

I think they’re gathering steam to come out with an album and tour this coming year too?? WHICH MAKES ME WANT TO PEE MYSELF WITH EXCITEMENT ok sorry I just had to say that

Check them out on The Hype Machine

4. The Black Ghosts – 329 plays


This one is a little surprising, although I guess their album did just come out in 2008. And it’s really good. Also they were huge on my gym playlist, which helps. 😉 Workin it out with the Black Ghosts… get buff.

Also, this is a cool video for a cooool song.

And this is one of the coolest remixes EVER in my humble opinion.

Anyway You Choose to Give It (Boy 8-Bit remix)

3. Franz Ferdinand – 419 plays


Ummm Franz is awesomeeee and this year was a major installment in that saga. The latest album is FREAKIN TERRIFIC and also caused me to listen to their previous albums a lot again too. Also they were at Coach. Also ahhh they’re so good. [I feel like this top list part might be repetitive because obviously it’s all things I went BANANAS over, haha]. They really took their sound to a new level and I expect we will be hearing great things from them for many, many years to come. Also Alex Kapranos is HAWT.

This one got done up with a big production and some edgy fashion. Fashion Fun with Franz Ferdinand!

2. Grafton Primary – 553 plays


I have talked about them a bit on here before, but yeah. Definitely earned this one. They’re just… really fucking great!! Both Eon and the EP Relativity are ridiculously cool, and then of course there’s the Miami Horror remix that started some major love affairs for me, haha. They also have some of the most awesome lyrics.

I Can Cook (Miami Horror remix)

1. Ghostland Observatory – 637 plays


AHHHH it had to be. Ghostland Observatory blew my mind repeatedly in 2009. I listened to the Paparazzi Lightning album crazytons in 2007, but hadn’t heard much from them since then. But after their phenomenal Coachella performance this year I got their other two albums, which are also AMAAAAZING!! It seems like I will never get sick of them. I have been meaning to write a longer entry about them, so I will get around to that eventually. I also saw them again in May and that wassss no doubt my favorite single show of the year. Good job dudes. YOU ARE SO COOL please do more shows around me plz plz.

I love this video from Coachella (not taken by me). It looks so cool it could almost be a regular music video.

And there you have it! I had a great year listening to so much wonderful music and I can’t wait to hear what 2010 will bring.

Next up, I will try to amass my actual favorites of 2009 list, because as we’ve seen I didn’t mention many of those in these entries 😉


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