PRIVATE remix-a-palooza

January 21, 2010


So, you may remember that I posted a video a few days ago by the band Private for the song “My Secret Lover” (if you don’t remember, check it out here). I guess the song was a pretty big hit in Denmark when it first came out in 2007, and they also did a video for it back then… now the single is finally getting released in the UK (with a new, snazzed-up video, see above) and just hit UK iTunes on Jan. 17th! (Doesn’t do us Stateside folk too much good.. just checked iTunes and there was no sign of Private at all. YET.)

I also discovered there are already quite a few remixes of the track as well, and listening through them has been a great example of how mixing can turn the same song into a ton of different styles/genres. Observe!

The original is a pretty straightforward (albeit AWESOME) 80s-inspired pop song with a super-effective use of sampling (check out the song they sampled by the funk/soul act Chemise here -  as far as I can tell, her only song) and an interesting chiptune-like sound in the background. I think this song is going to get pretty big, and I think it should – I for one have had it stuck in my head basically the whole time since I first heard it.

My Secret Lover (Lifelike remix)

The first remix I heard, this one immediately grabbed me with its snappy pace and funky bassline. Of all the mixes, this one seems the closest to the original, just a little more oriented toward the dance floor.

My Secret Lover (Starsmith remix)

While this one is also clearly dancefloor-oriented, the vibe is totally different. This time it’s a synthed-up space disco number. It’s laden with dreamy synth washes that build up amidst stylishly stuttering vocals into a natural but effective climax. For some reason this track makes me feel like flying around in a rainbow spaceship. Just throwing that out there.

My Secret Lover (Egyptian Lover remake)

Now this one is REALLY different (for one thing, it’s a remake, not a remix). The entire tone and pace of the song is changed into something completely different. It’s now sneering; too-cool-for-school. The drums/rhythm have got some serious 80s break beats going on. It’s significantly darker, more menacing – suddenly the lyric “My bullet’s in the gun” actually sounds serious. I don’t think the production on this one is anywhere near as good as the original or the other mixes, but it’s still fun to hear. And… the end has a synth riff of that Egyptian snake charmer music.

My Secret Lover (Diplo remix)

And another one that is crazy different, this one is pretty freakin HIP HOP. Especially during the “Pluggin in keyboards one at a time” parts. Again, it’s really cool to hear, but I doubt this is one I’ll be listening to as much (personal preferences – I have them).

There you have it! I think there’s a few more mixes running around out there, and there will doubtlessly be more to come, but I hope you enjoyed this little exploration of the “art of the remix”, so to speak.

annnnd it’s still stuck in my head.


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