More awesome Coachella bands, continued

March 8, 2010

So, I’ve been looking into more of the Coachella bands little by little, and that has yielded up some great finds. Still have more to go, but I am already beyond excited for all of the daysss and only keep getting more so.

Two of the best things I’ve checked out recently:


The Whitest Boy Alive – …not crazy about the band name, but love the music, haha. Features some members of Kings of Convenience, who have a few songs I like a lot (sidenote: I listened to them a lot when I was in Norway! It’s appropriate.) TWBA is fun, upbeat/dancey but laid back electro-pop-rock, and apparently they have gradually become a fully instrumental band, without computer stuff? As bandmember Erlend Øye says, “Finally what we are as a live band is represented on vinyl and in wave-form.” Sounds pretty neat, and I bet they are going to be delightful live!


Pretty Lights – Now this shit is DOPE! It’s a very appealing and effective mix of electronica, downtempo trip hop, funk, old school sampling, with a dash of dubstep and a lot of neat tricks. Apparently the live show is really what they’re about, what with the, uh, pretty… stuff (and the dahncing! Oh, the dahncing!). Definitely on my must-see list. Oh, and did I mention you can download all of their material for free from their website?? They have a brand-new EP out (March 2nd release), which I just discovered RIGHT NOW!! yay.


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  1. Hey, have you heard Staark’s NEW SONG → “Get In The Water” → http://bit.ly/7fFNeL … what do you think?? Kill it or Keep it?!?

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