Little Boots & Dragonette, Fillmore (SF) 3/9

March 11, 2010

As soon as I heard about this show, my ears perked up. Little Boots and my ol’ almost-buddies Dragonette, at my favorite venue (other than Mezzanine), the Fillmore (which is now a five minute walk from my house). Sounds killer!


(poster from the show the next day, not the one I attended)

And it was. I arrived in the middle of the first band, Class Actress (replacing Fan Death, who were previously billed for the show). They were pretty  enjoyable from what I heard, kind of like electro-Pretenders-y. Their singer chick had some very high-waisted pants, I must say.

Dragonette, I’m pleased to report, was rocking hard, but I was sad to note that Chris Hugget, the guitarist I danced with last time, was nowhere to be seen 😦 Oh well. They still turned in a great set, opening with “I Get Around” but then playing mainly new songs (other than “Black Limousine”) for the set, and finishing with a banging rendition of “Fixin’ to Thrill”. Martina was sporting a very short mushroom haircut and some pleather leggings… yeow.


(There are… no words for how much I love this image. How much it pleases me on some deep level.)

Little Boots, for whom my appreciation heretofore would better be expressed in terms of “like” rather than “love”, put on a dynamite set that convinced me of her rightful place as a music mega-star. First of all, she is extremely talented. I think that’s more apparent live than on the album, though now listening again I appreciate it more. During the show, in addition to singing and dancing she also played the keyboard, various synths, Tenori-on, keytar, and… probably more I’m forgetting! haha.


The diminutive L. Boots took the smoke-filled stage draped in a metallic disco-druid hooded cape to open with “Ghost”. She threw off the cape to reveal a short gold number with a proliferation of ruffles engulfing the top half of the dress. Bold moves. (In fact I think it’s the outfit from the album cover?) She played almost every song from the album, very very well I must say.. in some cases making me rethink my original opinions on the songs.

(Plus, the Fillmore.. so legit. They have the dope lights, and the good DJ in between sets! Man, playing all the best remixes. Sorry, just had to gush about that awesomeness for a sec.)

The entire show was awesome, but I have to say “Remedy” seemed to be the big winner.

The other best moment was when she rocked out on the KEYTAR to “Symmetry”.

For the encore she came out alone in a new spangled outfit and sat alone at the keyboard for a bit, and busted out with this old favorite:

So yeah, good show, Boots. In some ways she reminds me a bit of…. Lady Gaga, except she is so totally different. She’s like the Anti-Gaga, mainly because of her sweetness and sincerity and goofiness. Boots is extremely endearing. She has a really cute accent too of course (“this byoo-ih-full synthesi-zah” ❤ ). She’s stylish but comes off a lot meeker, and is pretty clearly a better musician, in my opinion. (Though I have not seen Gaga live, I would imagine she is a better performer. For those ticket prices I would hope so!!)

Of course there were numerous fellows in attendance shouting out their love eternal for LB (“I LOVE YOOOOOU!”), and I have to say I couldn’t blame them.


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