Neon Indian, Mezzanine (SF) 3/26/2010

March 28, 2010

(NOTE: Ack, so pissed I lost my camera!!!! Not during the show. I just don’t know where it is. So I don’t have any of my own pics of this show… but I was too busy dancing anyway so it’s just as well.)

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         neon-indian

Neon Indian. Now this was a show. To be frank, I go to a lot of great shows (imho) but it takes an extra-special something to really push a show over the edge.

Many shows I would put in this category have occurred at the Mezzanine in SF, which itself seems to be magical – it seriously seems to have a huge impact on the quality of the show and the experience. (Best example: Cut Copy, @ Mezz… BEST SHOW EVER. Third time seeing Cut Copy @ Fillmore [my second fave venue] it was still great, but really didn’t compare. Just saying! Mezz power. Anyway, I digress, and probably no one cares, haha.)


(Not the poster for this show. Obv. I rly wanted to go to that one but I couldn’t… I do have that poster, though.)

We actually arrived in time to see the opening bands, Nite Jewel (from Italians Do It Better label… sad to say they weren’t very exciting though) and Nice Nice (kinda cool if proggish instrumental exploration type songs), and drink a goodly amount of vodka sprites.

Of course it was incredibly crowded! I knew that would happen, cause Neon Indian is tearing it up. I think it’s neat there is a band for the live shows, especially cause they are really cool. (I knew about the guitarist Ron because of the Sea of Shoes blog – she wrote an entry involving him recently when she went to SXSW!! Soooo awesome.)

Neon Indian n_i_lights2copy

As for Alan Palomo… I mean, the man is basically a god, haha. Such is the power of his music (and the performance thereof). The crowd was totally going berserk (incl. myself and MC Cool). He definitely has some awesome synths, and the power to wield them (while singing! awesomely! *FANGIRL MOMENT*). Also, yeah, he is younger than me. NOT BY MUCH. But enough to make me feel inadequate.


Anyway, during the encore they did a VEGA song! That was cool. Although it basically deafened me. It was one of those moments where I tried to tell myself “this is worth it…. think of the memories when you can’t hear anymore ;)”

The set was pretty non-stop, and the whole thing was a lot more intense than I was kind of expecting, since their music (on the album at least) has a somewhat more chill vibe… but I guess that’s San Francisco for you to find a way to go crazy.

He also alluded to them recording a new album (he called it “the big album”) so…. OOOH. Yes. This can only bode welllll.

Link: My first post about Neon Indian/Alan Palomo/VEGA.

Neon Indian on Hype Machine


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