Coachella awesome bands, cont’d

March 31, 2010

Wow, the festival is getting to be so close!! I finished going through the lineup investigating bands, so now I have some serious listening to do. Anyway, more fun bands I’ve discovered thus far:


Little Dragon – A group from Sweden fronted by singer Yukimi Nagano. The songs on their new album Machine Dreams range from catchy, upbeat, synth-pop (“My Step”, “Looking Glass”) to light, lush dreams like “Feather”, to neo-soul tracks like “Never Never”. Overall a really nice, neat combo of styles into a slick new sound, for the most part very chill and atmospheric, with very distinct and affecting vocals. (Definitely going to be a good set!)

Plus, Little Dragon are featured in two songs from the new Gorillaz album, Plastic Beach. Would be more than willing to bet they’ll be joining them onstage at the festival!

Check out Little Dragon if you like Lykke Li, Sebastian Tellier, New Young Pony Club, Metric, Cibo Matto…. Here’s a shadow puppety video. And here are some songs.

Little Dragon – “Feather”

Little Dragon – “My Step”


HockeyPortland dance rock with attitude and a really good singer! Basically, if you hate hyper hipsters, STEER CLEAR. 😀 But seriously though, these guys are really fun. Some songs are a little bit funky, and sometimes a bit soul (seems to be a theme this year… Soulchella?? Not quite). The singer’s voice reminds me of the Arctic Monkeys singer mixed with Florence (of the Machine renown).

Check out Hockey if you like Late of the Pier, Natalie Portman’s Shaved Head, the Faint, Franz Ferdinand, the Arctic Monkeys/Kooks/Cribs/Wombats… maybe even Vampire Weekend, if they didn’t SUCK. BURRRN

Also here’s a pretty fun video!

Hockey – Learn to Lose

Hockey – Preacher

In order to cover more ground before the fest I might have to cram more bands into future such entries. Ah well. There are just soooo many damn great bands at the festival this year!!!!


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