April 9, 2010


I had heard that my childhood-through-now favorites of zany-new-wave-sci-fi synth-pop-punk band Devo was coming out with new material, but I for some dumb reason didn’t get totally insanely excited, cause now I listened to some, and yeah. YEAH. IT’S GOOD. Really good! Now they are one of the Coachella acts I am most excited for (not that they weren’t before… *EVEN MORE EXCITED*)

It sounds just like the good old band I have always loved, but with a 2010 polish (the synths! oh, the synths.) My source for this statement is the awesome website Club Devo’s Song Study, which is in itself very amusing, and a neat way to promote the album. They’re letting fans vote on which 12 out of 16 songs will be on the upcoming album, Watch Us Work It (guess that track’s going on no matter what the fans say, haha).

I find it so awesome these guys are apparently rocking harder than ever, 30 years after their “heyday”. If you’ve only ever heard “Whip It”, check out more of their material… their performances are also somewhat legendary, and I think their “ideas behind the music” are truly some of the best and most innovative the world has ever seen. Domes off to you, DEVO. ❤


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