Coachella 2010: Thursday, April 15th. The Trials and Tribulations.

April 30, 2010


So, COACHELLA was exactly two weeks ago! I’m going to try to do an entry on each day this weekend for the corresponding day of the festival… like, this time two weeks ago, I was only halfway through my 4+ hour wait to get into the campground!! Awesome. NOT.

Anyway, before I get ahead of myself, I decided to just put everything up to Friday in this entry, since my actual fest entries are going to be long enough as it is. This entry won’t involve music and I didn’t take any pictures on the way down, but I want to write about my whole experience, and you get to feel like you were right there with me, eh Reader??

Well, you’re lucky you weren’t actually there, cause we spent at least 3 hours spent in traffic, and then had the camping wait on top of that… all in all made for a voyage of about 17 hours :X Soooo exhausting.

Also, I rode down with 3 nice girls I found online (none of us knew each other beforehand). Most of the ride was actually pretty enjoyable, up until the afternoon, and then things started getting unpleasant, haha. (Just the looong delays and wanting to GET THERE!!!)


By the time we finally got in and parked in the camping spot, it was almost 2 AM. OMFG. (We had left SF a little after 8 am.) Then I had to wrestle with my stupid tent, which turned out to be busted, finally only getting it to stand with duct tape borrowed from the neighbors.

By then it was about 3 and I was too tired to really wander or party or enjoy being at COACHELLA. 😦 Never thought I would say those words. But the campground setup actually was pretty good overall this year, and they added a lot of fun stuff for the campers, like the roller rink, glowing swings, art stations, etc.

One part that was not so cool was the pounding house music until about 3:30 am, once I actually laid down and tried to sleep. The soothing sounds of Deadmau5… haha. I put in earplugs and it did absolutely nothing. It pretty much felt like the entire earth was vibrating with that beat. I feel really bad for the people whose tents were right next to that!

Anyway yeah so it was not the best way to start off the weekend, but things improved majorly over the rest of the time, and there were really no problems after all this, so in some ways it was… kinda good to get all the dumb shit out of the way?? haha.

Afterwards I just did my best to forget this day ever happened. Like… Oh, I magically woke up and I’m at Coachella! I have no recollection of how this came to be, but I am joyful!


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