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Vicereine Radio launches

March 11, 2010

EJ and I have been talking about dabbling in the podcasting (or as I would term it now, blogcasting.. ooh, look at me go) and we finally did one!! You can tune in at our blog, Vicereine Radio, and listen to cool tunes and us talking about these cool tunes.

Hope you like it!! We are just getting started so hopefully we will get better, haha.


(You can also listen directly by clicking the image above)


Remix goodness

December 3, 2009

(Thanks to Too Many Sebastians for this first bit of tasty info.)

Sweet dream-disco G.L.O.V.E.S. remix of the great Miami Horror single “Sometimes” is available for free from the band’s site if you sign up for the email fanlist (something I personally would want to do anyway). Apparently one can also win a t-shirt by doing this, which I would relish wearing on my body. Ohhh yeah.

(Listen to it here first if you need convincin’)

terrypIn other news, I know I already raved about the Twelves, but I just stumbled upon this gem that I had to share. Awesome remix of the Tel Avivan electroclash outfit Terry Poison (whom I adore based on what I’ve heard so far – like an even more immature and rowdier Israeli Le Tigre). This remix is… just so HOT. Hot like fire. Like really freakin hot fire. It’s like, if my ears could be pissing themselves… they WOULD, right now.

Terry Poison – Comme Ci Comme Ca (Twelves remix)


Let’s talk about electronic music genres

November 7, 2009

Holy shit, Wikipedia. Check out their list of electronic music genres. IN-FUCKING-SANE. I mean, wow. There’s 26 subgenres of House listed, 22 kinds of Trance, 16 types of Jungle/D&B, and 15 categories of techno. And many, many more.

laserThere’s a lot to be seen here. I bet I could spend several hours looking through a ton of these, and I probably will now that I know it’s here, haha.

Clownstep seems to be the one the eye is drawn to first (at least for me, and for Sara and Matt when I showed them the page), but it turns out that one isn’t an actual genre, but a pejorative term for a specific kind of Drum&Bass. It’s sure a funny name though.

jinacJumpstyle is a genre, though. “Jumpstyle is a dance and music genre mainly practiced in Europe, specifically the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and northern France,” it says. Here’s a tutorial for the dance! hahaha! I love it. We decided we want to do this at the Boys Noize show tomorrow, though it would be a genre crossover since I’m pretty sure BN isn’t Jumpstyle 😉

Doomcore? Not your thing? What about Terrorcore? Death Industrial? Nu-NRG? Bubblegum Dance? Am I the only one who is fascinated and endlessly entertained by the existence (and names) of all these weird, hyper-specific, and (in their own way) wonderful subgenres?

hk_20080207_vegasclub2Most of my favorite music falls under the heading of Rock/Punk influenced electronic music (Dance Rock)… Mainly Electro rock, New Rave (and New Wave), Synthpop, Dance-punk, and some Dark Wave and Electroclash. I do like disco too, but am not as well-versed in the subgenres of that other than Italo-disco (hello, Glass Candy) and nu-disco (again, Glass Candy, haha).

I’ve never heard the word ‘chiptune’ before, but now I know how to describe those nintendo-y sounding songs I love so dearly. God, I love Wikipedia!


A Very Remi X Halloween

October 31, 2009

So, due to the Bay Bridge being old and busted, we didn’t end up getting to go to the Danger show after all 😦 😦 I was sooo dejected and sad about that for quite awhile. Of all times for the dumb bridge to break. Haha, though I guess it would have been worse if I was on the bridge when it broke.

So, alas, Danger. I’m trying not to dwell on this too much, and instead just hoping to encounter him again down the road!

In better news, Halloween is shaping up to be a fun little weekend event. I also decided to make a Halloween mixtape O:) All the songs are spooky themed (at least in title, haha). None of them really sound that spooky. But there is a lot of fun to be had to these songs/bands, so I suggest you try them!

Siouxsie & the Banshees – Halloween

David Bowie – Scary Monsters

Deadmau5 – Moar Ghosts n Stuff

The Rakes – Terror!

Cut Copy – So Haunted

Ladytron – Ghosts

The Similou – Haunted House

White Lies – Death (Haunts remix)

Alexandre – Ghost in the Grid

Glass Candy – Last Nite I Met a Costume

Ghostland Observatory – Dancing on My Grave

Sons and Daughters – Rebel with the Ghost

Arctic Monkeys – Perhaps Vampires is a Bit Strong But…

The Go! Team – Hold Yr Terror Close

REMI X HALLOWEEN MIXTAPE DOWNLOAD (ack, my file got deleted, sorry! ‘terms of use’, PAH)

plz to enjoy 😉