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Whoah, Barretso

February 25, 2010

I’ve been meaning to post about this since I first discovered, but I suck at posting and am good at being busy, so there you have it. BETTR LATE THAN NEVR.


Barretso is, to put it lightly, an electro wizard (from Chile). His EP ‘Bright City Lights’ is going to drop soon and man, I tell you… I have not yet heard one song or remix (either by him or of him) that did not rock my proverbial boat, HARD. Since the start of the year, the blogs have all been chiming in to sing his praises, and I’m sure not going to be the one that breaks that trend.

Sometimes different parts remind me of some of my other favorite electronic artists – the dark videogame dankness of Danger, the funky rolling beats of the Twelves, the relentless overdrive of MSTRKRFT… and sometimes the magical musical alchemy of my precious Miami Horror. It all makes for a truly delightful aural experience.

Barretso has burst onto the scene pretty damn hard and I think we’ll be seeing and hearing a lot more from him, which can only mean great things. (Plus, if Barretso and I got married, I would only have to add ‘-so’ to my last name, tee hee. Well, and ditch one of my T’s, if you want to be technical.)

Barretso – Midnight Walk

Barretso – We Won’t Stop (KOLT13 remix) – This one is my favorite. It’s a killer (in the good way)

Astro – Hongo Atomic (Barretso remix)

Check out Barretso on HypeM to hear even more fabulous songs and remixes.



February 1, 2010

So, investigating all the bands/acts I am unfamiliar with from the Coachella lineup always proves to be fruitful in terms of finding some great new music, which I will begin to tell you about RIGHT NOW! There will surely be many more installments of this as we progress toward the festival, but I’ll kick it off with a look at Aeroplane.


They are Belgian and people are apparently fond of describing them as “balearic”. If I hadn’t heard that term (or.. looked it up right now, ha) I would describe it as kind of chilled out spacey disco house. Which is to say I like it.

Now that they mention it though I guess it isn’t too hard to picture this being played in Ibiza…

Anyway, they have a number of singles out and quite a few great-to-amazing remixes, so feast your ears. This post in this really awesome blog has a ton of the best ones I’ve heard so far. I also just wanted to toss in another one I really enjoy 😉

Au Revoir Simone – Another Likely Story (Aeroplane remix)