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BREAKING NEWS (that I just found out about)

December 3, 2009

So I had to post again because I just read THIS.

damon_albarn_1Damon Albarn is one of my musical heroes – Blur has been one of my absolute favorite bands and I have listened to all those records too many times to count! I am a huge huge fan of Gorillaz too and I am mad excited to hear that a new album is forthcoming.

Through the years I have basically learned to follow the tenet that if DA is involved in something, I will like it.

alanmooreBut even more importantly.. good old DA is uniting with some of my other heroes. Most notably, ALAN FREAKIN MOORE. WHAT THE HELL. SO COOL AHHHH. I could barely believe my eyes when I read that. For those who may only know the name because of Watchmen, be aware that Alan Moore is basically… the demigod of the graphic novel format, and everything he writes is pretty much guaranteed to BLOW YOUR MIND – more on this soon, for SURE.

fleaAnd not only that, DA is forming a new threesome (ha, no, not like that, pervy pervos) with Flea from RHCP! (The third dude is Tony Allen, the percussionist for Fela Kuti and also in DA’s project The Good, the Bad, and the Queen).

This is all most pleasing to me. It’s kind of my real-life League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. Now I just need to hook Joshua Clover into the equation… (haha sorry, fantasies carried me away for a moment there)