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COACHELLA 2010: Friday, Apr 16 (Part 2)

May 1, 2010

So, fur vest firmly in place, I set out renewed to begin the evening. Hurried back in to catch the tail end of…


Passion Pit – First of all, the crowd for this at the Outdoor stage was the largest I’ve ever seen there, and they could have easily played the main stage, given their popularity now. I haven’t been the hugest fan of them so far, but about a week before the fest I got pretty big into the Chunk of Change EP so I was actually very excited for this.

Anyway, I heard about 4-5 songs, all enjoyable, and culminating in a massive singalong/jumpalong to “Sleepyhead”. That was definitely a special moment, as I would probably classify that as THE big indie song of the year. I think their vocals sound a little better on the records but oh well. Also apparently they’re doing a huge tour with Muse now! Wow! Haha, kind of an odd pairing, but I’d sure not hesitate to buy a ticket. (if only they were coming to SF on the tour, damn them!)

From here, I intended to head to La Roux, but there was a half-hour break, so I decided to check out Them Crooked Vultures in the meantime. That sounded and looked really cool on the mainstage, massively hard rock delivered by seasoned pros of rocking hard. I think “Mind Eraser, No Chaser” is the main one I saw, which is good cause that one is badass!


Dark had been falling pretty quick during Passion Pit, which made it all the better to enjoy the awesome art installations around the fest grounds…. Like this frickin awesome giant neon crane!



Wandered over to Pretty Lights in the Sahara, which I had been really excited for, but unfortunately it was just way too LOUD, even with earplugs I couldn’t get within 200 feet of the tent without feeling in danger of deafness 😦 I am sensitive to these things. However the lights were *really* sick (I got a video which I will post eventually.) So, me being a grandma, decided to move on.


Passing by Grizzly Bear I stopped in for a moment to see what all the fuss is about. They sounded and looked pretty neat, but it still didn’t really excite me enough to make me stay for more than one song, haha. Their stage was all awash in ethereal blue and green lights which seemed to fit their sounds really well. It was very soothing, kind of like lullaby music to me, haha, which was not what I needed right then because my 4 hours of sleep were starting to wear on me.

Then it was time for La Roux! But, unfortunately, they had scheduled her in the smallest tent, which turned out to be a terrible mistake. The tent was so crowded and overflowing well beyond the end of the tent, so that even a few hundred feet back it was crammed and impossible to even walk through the crowd, people were shoving and it was impossible to get a good spot to enjoy the set. Plus, when she actually came on, the sound wasn’t loud enough for the huge crowd in the back to hear :\ I stuck around for probably 4 songs, and then decided it wasn’t worth it, especially since I had just seen her two nights before 😉

Walked by Echo & the Bunnymen, but mainly I was looking at the neat sky-art they had, these huge strands of balloons with lights attached to them, so in the wind they looked really cool 😀 (Pic from earlier in the evening, the sun was not rising again, haha)


And then went to get into good position for LCD Soundsystem on the main stage. Maybe I was just really wiped out, but I didn’t get as into or excited by their set as I hoped I would.. (especially when they hoisted that disco ball the size of a car beforehand!). I was expecting it to be more like a crazy dance party, but in my opinion it was more like a mildly exciting rock show (their band set up was much like a normal rock band…) and they didn’t really play any of my favorite songs of theirs. (I should have prefaced this by saying I’m not their #1 fan, but I do appreciate a good amount of their stuff). Sooo I was kind of underwhelmed…

Caught the last 2-3 songs of Little Dragon which sounded good! Haha, their singer Yukimi has some amusing/unique dance moves. Would have liked to have seen more/all of this.

Then I took a rest, ate a delicious chocolate crepe, and waited for poor poor EJ, who had been waiting in line to get into the festival since about 7 pm (it was now almost 11 pm). Also heard/felt the pounding bass (and not much else) from Benny Benassi, holding court in the Sahara, haha.


I hung out watching the Cubatron for awhile, met a friendly fellow with whom I had idle small talk for a few minutes. Then there was a pause, and he was like, “Dude. I’m frying my balls off right now.” And I was like “Oh!” hahahahaha.

Then I went to wait for Fever Ray to begin. Really wish I could have gotten some pics/video of this! (damn me) Never seen anything like that at Coach before, that’s for sure. From start to finish it was very mysterious and mystical and ominous. The stage was filled with fog and almost all the lighting came from about 15 antique lamps with neat, etheral old lampshades that would go off and on moodily. Karin and the band were dressed in crazy, crazy outfits involving spooky masks and headdresses, and had all kinds of weird instruments (we couldn’t even tell what a lot of them were). It was hard to see anything for sure since it was all pretty dark and moody. Once and awhile amazing lasers would fire out from behind them! Their sound was pretty much perfect and the creepy vocals had a ton of impact.

Unfortunately by this point I was literally about to fall asleep standing up :\ which sucked cause it was so cool, but I was just about to fall over. Luckily about halfway through the set, EJ came charging into the tent and I saw him go zooming right past me, so I caught up and YAY we were united!! FINALLY!

We decided to poke our heads into the Sahara to see what Deadmau5 was up to. It was so crammed we couldn’t really make it very far into the tent at all. The crowd seemed to be going nuts, so that was cool. Deadmau5 was debuting his new light set-up – this W-shaped video/light “cockpit” platform he was standing on, and his new LED mouse head (haven’t been able to find pics of this yet) which did look pretty cool. Overall his music isn’t the most exciting thing to me, but it can be ok in the right mood… which I was not in at this time, haha. I needed to lay down in a real serious way.

Sooo yeah! That was Friday. It was overall a good day and I saw a TON of bands, but overall it was one of my weaker Coach days of all time, cause the two things I was most excited for (LCD and La Roux) ended up being kind of a bust. My two favorite things from the day turned out to be afternoon sets, Yeasayer and Aeroplane.


Remix goodness

December 3, 2009

(Thanks to Too Many Sebastians for this first bit of tasty info.)

Sweet dream-disco G.L.O.V.E.S. remix of the great Miami Horror single “Sometimes” is available for free from the band’s site if you sign up for the email fanlist (something I personally would want to do anyway). Apparently one can also win a t-shirt by doing this, which I would relish wearing on my body. Ohhh yeah.

(Listen to it here first if you need convincin’)

terrypIn other news, I know I already raved about the Twelves, but I just stumbled upon this gem that I had to share. Awesome remix of the Tel Avivan electroclash outfit Terry Poison (whom I adore based on what I’ve heard so far – like an even more immature and rowdier Israeli Le Tigre). This remix is… just so HOT. Hot like fire. Like really freakin hot fire. It’s like, if my ears could be pissing themselves… they WOULD, right now.

Terry Poison – Comme Ci Comme Ca (Twelves remix)