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COACHELLA 2010: Saturday, April 17th

May 4, 2010

(Note: Well, I *was* doing fine on getting these posted on schedule, but then on Saturday night after I had written more than half of the post, the stupid client froze and I lost it all!!! >< Sooo now I will just try to get them done as I can.)


Well, after getting a much-needed good night of sleep, we arose ready for Day 2. Ventured in around 2:30 and watched partial sets by Portugal. The Man, Camera Obscura, Girls, and Band of Skulls. (All relatively enjoyable, I liked Portugal and Camera the best). (Haha, I don’t really feel like re-typing all the lengthier stuff I had written before, so I’m going to just move along.)


Then it was time for GOSSIP. Yay!! This was one of my most-anticipated sets of the weekend, and they definitely delivered. Beth Freakin Ditto! God you are cool. And have an amazing voice. And are a delightful performer. Haha, the rest of the band looks fun too. I want to hang out with them. And judging from the crowd’s reaction, I’m not the only one. They bring the party! And they bring it with force.

They played about half the songs from their awesome newest album, Music for Men (alas, omitting some of my favorites, but it was a pretty short set), two of their previous hits (“Standing in the Way of Control” and “Now Listen Up!), and ended by bringing out James Murphy (from LCD) and some other guests to do a delightful cover of Grace Jones’ “Pull Up to the Bumper”! (One of the guests was a large black man dressed as Grace Jones.) (Grace had originally been slated to play on Friday, but was quickly dropped from the lineup. Sadtiems, but this was an awesome tribute.)

We heard/watched a little less than half of the XX while we were eating, so that was nice. Most of their stuff is too slow to hold my attention most of the time (haha) but it sounded pleasing and it was good in this context. Also they did their cover of “Do You Mind?”” (by pop singer Kyla) which I really liked.


Then we jockeyed for position for Hot Chip. I knew they were gonna be great, and I was proven correct as they unleashed a set comprised of non-stop dance numbers, old and new. My first time seeing them was at Coach 2008, a late afternoon Sahara set, and they KILLED then too… I fondly recall how *every* single person at that set was dancing soooo hard, even the people way out the back of the tent! ❤

This time (actually their third time at Coach) they mainly did the more upbeat songs from One Life Stand, mixing in a a good amount of older favorites (start with “One Pure Thought”, season to taste with “Over and Over” and “Hold On”, finish with anthemic singalong favorite “Ready for the Floor”… recipe for success!). I can’t say it was better/worse than their 2008 set. Both were immensely enjoyable and I definitely would see them again (and probably will, many more times!)


After this we ran back to the tent, passing by Faith No More while they were doing “Epic”, had snax and changed for the evening, and made valiant efforts to make even the smallest dent in our box of wine, haha. The camping was so good this year (other than waiting to get in, of course). We hurried back in to catch the second half of…


Muse – HO-LEEEE SHITTT. Wow. WOW. Muse is a band I’ve wanted to see for a long time, but never have… UNTIL NOW. And I cannot imagine a more epic and perfect way to see them than in this manner… headlining the best festival (inarguable 😉 ) to a crowd of probably at least 20-30,000 people?!? I don’t think I’ve ever rocked out this hard before. It was face-melting. Brain-blowing. I don’t think I’ve even seen any other Coachella headliner that was nearly this awesome, in my opinion. And I’ve seen some shit. 😉


Their sound is just so incredibly HUGE, and they add enough showmanship and cool lights to turn it all into a massive, epic blast of stadium rock at its best. Matt Bellamy, the badass lead singer/guitarist, issssss ahhmazing, and haha he was wearing these funny turquoise pants and STILL looked badass. They didn’t have their laser pillars sadly, so I guess I’ll just have to try to catch them again, haha.

Every song we heard was sooo cool, but some standouts were “Stockholm Syndrome”, “Time is Running Out”, “Plug-In Baby”, and best of all the last song, “Knights of Cydonia”, with the long intro with music from Once Upon a Time in the West (one of my favorite movies) GAHHHH SOOOOO FRICKIN COOL.


Basically our whole night on Saturday was just constant awesome. We went immediately to the Dead Weather, who were whipping their crazy black hair all over the Outdoor stage with ferocity and a lot of hard, grungy rock from all corners. They have a new album coming out soon, and the set was split pretty evenly between material from the two albums (as far as I can tell). The new stuff sounds promising! They really work as a band, in large part because Alison and Jack are such dynamos. Plus, the video screens were broadcasting in B&W, which worked really well for them. (All their albums/promo pics have been thus far)


And then… DEVO – Were just as good as I dared to dream!! (Alas, I really couldn’t find any decent pics of their set yet, and mine didn’t come out. Oh well.) They are back and indeed better than ever. It fills my heart with joy to see them putting on such an amazing show, and not only that, they were extremely well-received by a large crowd of fans in the Mojave tent at midnight.

Their new songs sounded GREAT, but they played a really good mix of favorites from each of their albums too. Every song was so so SO enjoyable. They also had a number of fun costumes (new blue powerdomes, silver half-mask-hat things, etc), and cool video/lights for part of the time. It was apparent they were having a great time and they just kept playing songs until well after their set was scheduled to end at 12:45. 😀

I’m telling you, my 5 favorite bands on Saturday contained a whole festival’s worth of joy in themselves. Devo was just the ultimate kicker to what had already been an increeeedible day. Really looking forward to catching any of these bands when they come through SF again (plz plz make it soon!!)


Hot Chip “I Feel Better” video

March 22, 2010














New Hot Chip video for another single from One Life Stand, “I Feel Better”. This video… is SO FRICKIN WEIRD AND AWESOME. Watch it and be delighted/disturbed. It starts with a really hilarious boyband and goes in directions you can only imagine… I LOL’d and LOL’d again. (Click hotlink to watch, can’t embed the video)


Quick note…

February 9, 2010

pe-yeasayer-odd_blood hotchipcov4522

Today, February 9th, the new Yeasayer and Hot Chip albums both come out! HURRAY! (I just realized it’s spelled ‘hooray’ usually, but maybe you should take it like, HURRAY OUT AND BUY THESE RECORDS!!)


Hot Chip

February 4, 2010


…is still awesome. Their new album, One Life Stand, drops [officially… O;) ] on Feb 9th. It has some really great tracks. I am extreeeemely excited for their Coachella performance this year!! My favorite track from the album:

Hot Chip – We Have Love

I have been listening the hell out of this song, and loving it hard. I definitely feel like this album shows a progression of their sound that still sounds very much like Hot Chip, just… even better. 😀 The breakdown part in the middle is especially great. Can’t wait to go ballistic to this one.

Other singles can be heard on youtube here (neat video for it) and here (not actually a music video but good song).