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May 10, 2010

Wow, so, my weekend kicked ass. Friday night (as I noted) was the Twelves/Grum shindig, which, despite a number of gripes I have with Mighty as a venue, was a good dancey time with many awesome favorite tracks shelled out from both. Man, the Twelves especially know how to bring the party. They busted out many of their best remixes as well as a bunch of unofficial mixes of other favorite tracks by dear favorites like Gossip and Phoenix. ❤


But, the real WTFOMGAWESOME came on Saturday night. Get this: Free Yeasayer show. FURRRREEEEALS. As if that wasn’t cool enough, there was FREE DRINX (wtf?! I feel like this is a mythical occurrence, haha) and free shirts! And a sweet poster.

It was sort of a secret show promoted through the BlastHaus website. You had to sign up for their text list, email to get the tickets, and then wait for the evening of to receive the venue details via text. It was all kind of fun and exciting! I guess it was a promo event for this Kin phone that they seem to be promoting very aggressively now, but whatever.. if it means I get to see Yeasayer AND get free booze, Kin me up! 😀


It ended up being at this weird and random, but mad awesome venue called the Longshoremen’s Hall in the Marina. They said the venue cap was 500 ppl, and I’m sure that many showed up. I’m sooo glad we got in, cause this was mad dope!

Haha, I just feel like my Yeasayer love won’t stop growing. They are so delightful and sound sososo good live. They did a similar but slightly different set from their Coach performance, and again I enjoyed every song. Gahhh, of all the things I love about them (manifold), I think it’s their high harmony vocal bridges in quite a few of the songs… ahhhhh, gets me every time!


Now I’ve really been giving my Odd Blood LP a workout on the ol’ turny. 😉


Tonight: The Twelves/Grum!

May 7, 2010


OMG. We interrupt our string of Coachella posts to bring you this quick news. I’m going to the Twelves and Grum show at Mighty tonight!!!! GAHHH wow I am so freaking excited. Those who have read this blog for a long time will know I have talked about both of them before with great fervor, and to get them both in the same night… SQUEE. It’s gonna be innnsane! More on this to come. B)


Remix goodness

December 3, 2009

(Thanks to Too Many Sebastians for this first bit of tasty info.)

Sweet dream-disco G.L.O.V.E.S. remix of the great Miami Horror single “Sometimes” is available for free from the band’s site if you sign up for the email fanlist (something I personally would want to do anyway). Apparently one can also win a t-shirt by doing this, which I would relish wearing on my body. Ohhh yeah.

(Listen to it here first if you need convincin’)

terrypIn other news, I know I already raved about the Twelves, but I just stumbled upon this gem that I had to share. Awesome remix of the Tel Avivan electroclash outfit Terry Poison (whom I adore based on what I’ve heard so far – like an even more immature and rowdier Israeli Le Tigre). This remix is… just so HOT. Hot like fire. Like really freakin hot fire. It’s like, if my ears could be pissing themselves… they WOULD, right now.

Terry Poison – Comme Ci Comme Ca (Twelves remix)


The Twelves – my favorites so far

October 29, 2009


Much blogged-about Brazilian duo the 12s (or Twelves, whatever) have been tearing up the internets with one awesome mix after another, and I guarantee they will improve your day (or night, or whatever). They have a super-sweet , slick, funky groove sound, and there’s many from them to love, so I definitely suggest checking them out. They also have a few sweet longer mixes that are solid gold. I really look forward to future activity from them re: touring, albums, etc??

Here’s a few of my fave tracks – these have all gotten so many listens from me, it’s riDIculous.

Metric – Help I’m Alive (Twelves remix)

The Virgins – Rich Girls (Twelves remix)

Black Kids – Hurricane Jane (Twelves remix)

Kylie Minogue – 2 Hearts (Twelves remix) (this one might be my #1 favorite…)

EDIT: Just heard this new-ish Fever Ray one and had to toss it up here as well. Pure discoooo, and Karin has never sounded so Hindu!

Fever Ray – Seven (Twelves remix)