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May 10, 2010

Wow, so, my weekend kicked ass. Friday night (as I noted) was the Twelves/Grum shindig, which, despite a number of gripes I have with Mighty as a venue, was a good dancey time with many awesome favorite tracks shelled out from both. Man, the Twelves especially know how to bring the party. They busted out many of their best remixes as well as a bunch of unofficial mixes of other favorite tracks by dear favorites like Gossip and Phoenix. ❤


But, the real WTFOMGAWESOME came on Saturday night. Get this: Free Yeasayer show. FURRRREEEEALS. As if that wasn’t cool enough, there was FREE DRINX (wtf?! I feel like this is a mythical occurrence, haha) and free shirts! And a sweet poster.

It was sort of a secret show promoted through the BlastHaus website. You had to sign up for their text list, email to get the tickets, and then wait for the evening of to receive the venue details via text. It was all kind of fun and exciting! I guess it was a promo event for this Kin phone that they seem to be promoting very aggressively now, but whatever.. if it means I get to see Yeasayer AND get free booze, Kin me up! 😀


It ended up being at this weird and random, but mad awesome venue called the Longshoremen’s Hall in the Marina. They said the venue cap was 500 ppl, and I’m sure that many showed up. I’m sooo glad we got in, cause this was mad dope!

Haha, I just feel like my Yeasayer love won’t stop growing. They are so delightful and sound sososo good live. They did a similar but slightly different set from their Coach performance, and again I enjoyed every song. Gahhh, of all the things I love about them (manifold), I think it’s their high harmony vocal bridges in quite a few of the songs… ahhhhh, gets me every time!


Now I’ve really been giving my Odd Blood LP a workout on the ol’ turny. 😉


COACHELLA 2010: Friday, April 16th (part 1)

May 1, 2010


And so the festival began! Friday was the day I spent the most time wandering around checking out tons of bands rather than watching entirely whole sets. Also I was a little surprised that some of the things I had been most excited for beforehand were not as great as I was hoping, but it was still overall fun being at the fest! 😀 And of course I still saw tons of awesome stuff.

(Click any pic to enlarge. I’m gonna do a separate post with videos after the review posts.)

Sleigh Bells – First band of the fest! They were all right, but definitely no Midnight Juggernauts (my first Coach band of 2008, haha.. sorry, that was just an awesome time). They are a guy/girl duo that kinda remind me of a more hardcore/less dancey Glass Candy, or.. Crystal Castles, maybe. They had a pretty good performance and I enjoyed headbangin’ to it. The beats were pretty deafening, but I had my earplugs so it was all good. 😉


Yeasayer – This was awesome. Probably my favorite thing of the day, actually! Their set had a very lovely look and sound, and made me feel good inside (and outside, haha). They have really cool, unique voices and harmonies, and delightful songs. Plus, in addition to being really talented musicians, they all look like models. Boyband done right? O;) My favorite song of the set was definitely “O.N.E.”, but I enjoyed the entire thing.

I saw the end of Hockey, but not as much as I would have liked. Oh well! Sacrifices. I pretty much scarfed a piece of pizza for “lunch” at around 5:30 while speed-walking to catch any of Hockey at all.


Aeroplane – My first foray into the Sahara tent, and I am pleased to report it was a fabulous one. Perfect timing for the late afternoon dance party! It was really dank in a different way from most Sahara stuff, like… more wandering and disco-y than hard and driving. Also had a really cool light/video set up, but I guess that was the case with almost everyone this year! I was constantly impressed.


There were these blow-up sharks people were batting around like beach balls, so every so often one would go flipping high above the crowd. So cool! And one of my favorite moments: a couple was kissing near me, and right as they were doing that, one of the sharks ZOOMED IN from the sky and hit them right in the faces!! HAHA!

They also played their really cool Sebastian Tellier remix, and also had some fun messing around with Boys Noize’s “Jeffer”. 😀 I had a blast at this one. It was my other favorite (besides Yeasayer.)

Plus, I managed to snap some photographic evidence of this year’s fashion phenomenon I’d like to introduce to you: Fedorachella. (Last year it was the wayfarer sunglasses. This year…)


Can’t even begin to estimate how many thousands of these things I saw over the weekend! Haha, just found it amusing.

Then I checked out about 10 minutes of Ra Ra Riot and about 15 of She & Him (the M. Ward/Zooey D. collab), both enjoyable but neither all too titillating, though yes Zooey is adorable of course.

I then hustled back to the tent to change, eat, drink, and rest for a sec before beginning an evening of continued fun. Also took the opportunity to don my furry white vest, which turned out to be a highly lauded fashion choice ;D

Note: Ok, so I decided to split this entry itself into two parts, since it’s already so long and there are so many more bands to cover (and, incidentally, it’s way past my bedtime) so I will finish up Friday coverage tomorrow.


Quick note…

February 9, 2010

pe-yeasayer-odd_blood hotchipcov4522

Today, February 9th, the new Yeasayer and Hot Chip albums both come out! HURRAY! (I just realized it’s spelled ‘hooray’ usually, but maybe you should take it like, HURRAY OUT AND BUY THESE RECORDS!!)



December 15, 2009


So, I’m going to go ahead and make a prediction. I think Yeasayer is going to get really, really big in 2010. Their sophomore album, Odd Blood, is [officially] dropping in February, and their single “Ambling Alp” is already getting quite the buzz around it (rightly so, imho). Check out the highly surreal video (and listen to the cool song while you’re at it) [PS. it’s NSFW]:

Wtf, right?? In a good way. They have just the sort of sound I think people will be able to get into on a large scale.. and I can pretty much already hear them playing at Coachella this year! Let’s keep our fingers crossed.

I haven’t checked out their first album yet, but I definitely am interested. What I’ve heard of the new one has really knocked my socks off. They have a really neat, eclectic sound – psychedelic indie synth rock with world and religious influence. EJ described it as “Flaming Lips meets Passion Pit” and I think that’s pretty apt.

yeasayer-tightropeHahaha what a good picture.

Anyway, to give you a little something extra, check out this other sweet track from the new album, and be sure to keep an eye out for them. I think we will all be seeing and hearing a lot more from these dudes in the very near future.

Yeasayer – Love Me Girl